Everyone in this world has a unique purpose. When we focus on abilities instead of disabilities, those with special needs can be part of the strongest friendships and influence people in positive ways that others can’t. Unwavering acceptance, positive thinking, honesty, and commitment are just a few of the important lessons these individuals teach by example.

At Friendship Circle of Atlanta, we are dedicated to bringing happiness and companionship to Jewish children, teens and young adults with special needs, as well as bringing energy, support and peace of mind to their families.

Built on the foundational Torah principle of “V’ahavta L’reyacho Komocha” , “love your fellow as yourself”, our unique model and opportunity to connect with a special friend in a meaningful way has a profound impact on everyone involved. Step by step, person by person, we are shaping a kinder, more compassionate and selfless community of tomorrow.

We all complete the Circle

The Friendship Circle is made up of five parts: special friends, volunteers, parents, supporters, and staff. The true beauty of the circle is how we all link together to form a seamless circle of friendship. Together, we can perform miracles.

The child, teenager, or young adult with special-needs looks forward to spending time with his or her teenage/young adult friend, as well as the special events they get to attend throughout the year.

The teenage and young adult volunteer learns the value of giving, and cherishes the experience of making a difference in an individual’s life while bringing a smile to his or her face.

The special friend’s family gets much needed respite and the pleasure of seeing their child become part of the community. They also get to share and interact with others facing circumstances and challenges similar to their own.

The supporter provides the wherewithal for the Friendship Circle to exist. By observing the very obvious difference the program is making to so many lives, supporters of the Friendship Circle make the smiles of these special children their own.

The staff is a team of leaders and professionals for whom the Friendship Circle is a labor of love. Be it through working with the children, teenagers, young adults and parents, or planning the various activities, these dedicated men and women are the driving force behind the program.